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  • Nguruman Escarpment Hike

    Pose with Maasai girls was enroute Nguruman escarpment

  • Nguruman escapment hike

    River bathing during Nguruman escapment hike

  • Mentorship

    Mentorship session with some of the children we support

  • Sponsorship

    Elizabeth Wairimu - proud to be part of the Sports for Change family

  • Crater Lake Hike

    Grazing girrafes while en-route to the Crater Lake for a hike

  • Crater Lake Hike

    Ariel view of the Crater Lake from pleasant vantage point.

  • Essakut Hike

    Tough climb up a hill in Essakut Hike

  • Essakut Hike

    Landscape of Essakut from high vantage point

  • Essakut Hike

    Beautiful Scenery from the top of a hill during the Essakut Hike

  • Mt Suswa Hike

    Group of hikers during the Mt Suswa Hike

Who We Are

We are a registered non-profit organization with a quest to change society through sports; thus the name Sports for Change. We are not professional athletes, but with a lot of passion for the same we have noticed that a noble course can be assisted through sports to awaken society and uplift the lives of the needy.

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10April Running For Change

Running for Change

On the last weekend of June, 13 of our runners headed up to Lewa, near Nanyuki, to Run for Change. Our runners did amazingly well, with every single one of them finishing in great times. The run was hot and hard, as well as being very high up. With many international runners coming to support our cause, we were impressed to see how well they coped with the altitude.

In all, over 600,000ksh has been raised so far, and we are still pushing for our 1 million total - we know we can do it with your help! The money will be spread throughout several children who are in need of funds for their school fees.

Our runners times:

Richard Alden 2:11:27
Robert Debock 2:15:26
Elske Klasen 2:15:26
Shiku Waithaka 2:26:47
Lilian Mramba  2:36:43
Gunnar Kraft 2:56:41
Elizabeth Frick 3:33:24
Andreas Wuethrich 3:33:24
Hanan El-Maadawy 3:53:50

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10April The Barefoot Runner

Sweat for Change

Dear Everybody!

Those of you who do not know me, I work in Horticulture for Finlays flowers in Kenya. I am also a keen marathon runner, having taken up marathon running rather late in life, and in the past 7 years, I have now run over 20 full marathons, and 4 ultra marathons, I completed my 3rd Comrades ultra (90 km) in South Africa in June last year. 

Craig ran his next marathon for Sports for Change at Lewa with the rest of the crew, and of course, did amazingly! Unlike the others, Craig opted to do a whole marathon, instead of half. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Craig ran the distance completely barefoot! These feat is made even more incredible by the fact that he sustained a injury to the toe in the 7th kilometer, yet he carried on running.

It is this type of dedication that we love and we are truly grateful for the large amount of money Craig has raised for us - totaling 300,000ksh currently! 

Thank you Craig for all your hard work!

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Brian Kimathi

Introducing Brian Kimathi, Our youngest kid.


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