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Individual Sponsors

2018 UPDATE:

Our first year which was 2010 we picked six students and committed to sponsoring   their secondary school education.Due to increased support from outdoor loving   supporters and individual sponsors.We have  since managed to support more  needy students.So far we have supported more than 50 students some of which are now working having graduated from different colleges and others are in universities pursuing different courses.

Last year we introduced Kenya Colour Run to raise more money and help more kids.Join us in helping the needy in our society.

Nanyuki Colour Run 2017



Our sponsor-to-child program links you directly with a child. This makes communication possible through exchange of Letters and Skype calls.

Our Sponsors


Sponsor's NameCountryKids sponsoredStudent's Name
Dean and Family  Australia 2 1. Elizabeth Wachira
2. Lillian Tuken
Elisabeth Frick Switzerland 1  
Gunnar Kraft Sweden 1 1. Cynthia Achieng
Josephine Lamshed  Australia 1 1. Jecynta Naserian

Neil Antony UK 2

1. Simon Sootian

2.Faith Talesh

Elizabeth Frick   1

1.Patrick Parmuat

Josephine Lamsled   1

1.Jecynta Naseria

Martin Frick UK 1

1.Pulei Abigael Namunyak





We are thrilled that sports for change is an active member of the GlobalGiving community with a GG Rewards Superstar status as of 2019. 



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