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John Mathinji Karatu



John was born and brought up by his parent whom both are lame. They live in Nyandarua County in rehabilitation centre.

He sat for  K.C.P.E and managed to get 309 marks and got a place in Kangui Boys school. He could have done much better than this were it not for the challenges of his parents, who despite their disability, were able to struggle to give him the best they could.


He was in form four and sat  for his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).Through the support of Sports For Change donors,


He successfully managed to complete his o level and scored a mean grade of B plain.

John has joined Technical university of Kenya August 2018 and he is taking a bachelor in mechanical engineering which is going to take him 5 years.



"We cannot thank you enough for your continued support. Together we have managed to give a bright future to these awesome kids. "

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Global Giving Award 2016

We are very proud to share with you a special award we just received...we couldn't do it without YOU!! So, a big Thank you!

"Congratulations on a great year! We are thrilled that sports for change is an active member of the GlobalGiving community with a GG Rewards Superstar status as of December 31, 2016 - To reward you for your organization’s fantastic work—both on and off of GlobalGiving—our team developed this badge for you to show that your organization was an active, approved, and vetted member of the GlobalGiving network in 2016."


GG top ranged


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Lilian’s Story

Her family compound is that of popular maasai homestead known as manyata. Her dad has 3 wives and 

this is clearly illustrated by the huts in the compound. Each wife has her own hut and there is a fourth one

for the overall head of the family - the father. The wives got 12 kids between them. The elder wife is 35 years

and got 5 kids while the youngest wife is 27 years and has two young children.

Filled with curiosity, we requested to tour Lilian’s mum’s hut. The set up was very simple and very traditional.

It had 3 stones in the middle that is used as a kitchen and two traditional beds on each side, each bed got a

hard plastic that resemble cow skin. There were no mattresses or blankets.

We met Lilian and chatted a bit with her. She told us of her dream of becoming a doctor. Her passion is to help

her family and community. Back in Nairobi, I embarked on getting a good school for her. My first thought was

to get her a slot in Dr.Kamudia girls in Nyeri where two girls in our program school are.

The principal gladly accepted.

She joined form one in Feb. This was a big culture shock for her. It was her first time out of Suswa town,

her first time in the city, her first time in a boarding school and her first time to sleep on a real bed.

We thank all our supporters for been part of this great success! 







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April Holiday Leadership Program

It was a good time for all the students as they had time to interact with each other and learn away from their usual environments!

Team work was among the topics covered and it’s evident in some of the photos how much fun was involved.

The students had time to share their experiences at school and also from the different places they all come from and call home.
Good performance in their academics was also noted and recognized!

We're glad that through Sports for Change and our loyal Supporters we're able to give hope to needy and performing students.

If you would like to help our efforts please have a look at our current Fundraiser:



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Carol's Story

We would like to give you some exciting news about one of our students, Carol.

Carol is from Gachocho village in Muranga, Kenya. She has 2 brothers and is a partial orphan. Her father passed away when she was 10 years. Her mother is unemployed and depends on casual labor that she does in their neighbourhood.

Carol joined us 7 years ago, after her mother was unable to pay her school fees. She sat for the 2012 Kenya Certificate of Secondary School (KCSE) and later joined Thika Institute of Business Studies,to do diploma in Food and Nutrition. After studying for an year, she did job training at Kibo Amboseli Lodge, a luxury lodge at Amboseli National Park. The manager was so pleased with her good conduct; hard work, confident and passion in her job that he volunteered to give her free job training after completing her course.

She was among top students in her year that graduated in September 2015. This was great news for us and big inspiration to all our students who always look upon her.

The Kibo Lodge Manger kept his promise, after her graduation, she joined the Kibo staff to start her job training. She is also hoping to get a permanent position with them soon.

More than wanting this girl to be educated we wanted her to be a nice person. To see that she has become both is just wonderful. We are so proud of her.

A big Thank You to all of you that made this happen, there is no better way than doing Sports to make a change in our community!


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We are thrilled that sports for change is an active member of the GlobalGiving community with a GG Rewards Superstar status as of December 31, 2016. 

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