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Elizabeth's Story - Update 2015

Four years ago I did my final year in primary school. I passed well but my parents could not afford to pay for my school fees. I had to repeat to give my parents time to get money. But after another year, I found myself in the same situation.

To tell you a little bit of myself, I am a victim of the 2007 post-election violence. It has left a lot of Kenyan families displaced. I witnessed women, men and children being beaten and killed. One evening, I heard our neighbors screaming. The mother was pleading with the attackers. But the attackers did not listen. They told them they are unwanted blood and tribe in that region. They were all killed. We were next, but my father managed to distract the attackers and gave us a chance to run away and hide in the bush. We walked through the bush the whole night. We ended up in a church where we were given a place to sleep for some days. One of our church members took us to his place and gave us a small plot to build a shelter which became our new home.

Our new life was full of challenges; my parents had lost everything and couldn’t afford to build a decent house. We shared a very small room with my 13 siblings, we had a very small kitchen and adjustment to it was my parent’s room.

Going to school was a big challenge; my parents couldn’t afford to buy all necessities. But other pupils and teachers were always kind to help me. My neighbor, who was a retired teacher, would offer to give me extra tuition in the evening and during school holidays. I later realized her daughter was involved with a charity that supports needy students. This is how I met Sports for Change.

I have been with them from my first year in secondary school until now. I did my final examination in secondary school last year and passed well. I will be joining university next month to pursue my career dream.

A BIG thank you to Sports for Change and other supporters for giving my life a meaning! Without you I would not be where I am today. My dreams are now shinning. I have learnt that in life even the worst experience can bring luck and a lot of blessings.

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