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Lilian’s Story

Her family compound is that of popular maasai homestead known as manyata. Her dad has 3 wives and 

this is clearly illustrated by the huts in the compound. Each wife has her own hut and there is a fourth one

for the overall head of the family - the father. The wives got 12 kids between them. The elder wife is 35 years

and got 5 kids while the youngest wife is 27 years and has two young children.

Filled with curiosity, we requested to tour Lilian’s mum’s hut. The set up was very simple and very traditional.

It had 3 stones in the middle that is used as a kitchen and two traditional beds on each side, each bed got a

hard plastic that resemble cow skin. There were no mattresses or blankets.

We met Lilian and chatted a bit with her. She told us of her dream of becoming a doctor. Her passion is to help

her family and community. Back in Nairobi, I embarked on getting a good school for her. My first thought was

to get her a slot in Dr.Kamudia girls in Nyeri where two girls in our program school are.

The principal gladly accepted.

She joined form one in Feb. This was a big culture shock for her. It was her first time out of Suswa town,

her first time in the city, her first time in a boarding school and her first time to sleep on a real bed.

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